Why Economics ?

Economics is widely viewed as at the top of social science in the world today. Economics is a field dealing with important and interesting subjects such as capitalism vs. socialism, management of inflation and unemployment, economic development of poor countries, pollution and global warming, energy policy, national defense, international trade and finance, social security, and many other specific government policies such as deregulation of electricity, the minimum wage, agricultural price supports, and rent control. Like other royal subjects, economics is highly respected as a successful academic field which operates at the highest intellectual level. As a sign of royalty, there is a the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel.

Economics is a dynamic field which is constantly expanding its scope. Economics has been globally successful in studying its traditional subjects that economists have invaded other areas of study and established new fields.

The graduates of this department are offered the opportunity for achieving academic qualifications suitable for careers in business and various government offices, as well as for specific areas in administration, educational, research, consulting and policy making.

The department regularly organizes seminars where professionals present their keynote papers. Besides, the department regularly arranges Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, for instance, study tours, sports, debates and cultural programs.


The key mission of the department is to offer educational opportunities to students for preparing them to be proficient citizens and professionals. After completing studies, the graduates of this department will be able to in-depth thinking and sovereign analysis. The economics faculty places an importance on excellence in teaching through incessant professional maturity in teaching, side by side, in applied and theoretical economics research.


Vision of the Department of Economics is to create an internationally recognized community of higher academic standing for the upcoming challenges of sustainable development of Bangladesh as well as the rest of the world. Our graduates would be able to evaluate the existing economic theories using empirical analysis. They will provide insights into policy formulation of developing nations like Bangladesh.

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